Parking & Driving Rules

Parking in Singapore

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Electronic Carpark Gantry in Singapore

How to Enter & Exit:

  • Slow down as you approach the gantry
  • With Cashcard inserted into the In-vehicle Unit (IU) (You may enter without but NEED cashcard to exit) or tap your NETS Flashpay card (When exiting)
  • Wait patiently for the barrier to open and enter the compound
  • Make sure your cashcard have sufficient fund for carpark charges

Ways to pay for Parking:

  1. (Download in App store and pay via credit/debit card)
  2. Cashcard via IU
  3. NETS FlashPay
  4. Parking coupon (Purchased from 7-Eleven)


Carpark rates are usually stated at the gantry of the carpark.

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Below images are some signs that are commonly found in housing estates

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Parking Lots

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White Lot  –  For visitors during carpark hours

Red Lot – These parking lots are generally reserved for season parking holders from 7:00pm to 7:00am, Mondays to Saturdays, and whole day on Sundays and public holidays. (Taken from

Red-White Lot – No parking for visitors from Monday to Saturday from 7pm to 7am and Whole day on Sunday & Public Holiday

Yellow Lot – Higher parking charges at $1.20/ per half hour from Monday to Saturday during 7am and 5pm and normal parking fee of $0.60/ per half hour after 5pm. Including Sunday and Public holiday

For more information on parking rules visit here

Driving Rules in Singapore

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  1. Unbroken white line – No parking at all times on either side
  2. Yellow box – May not enter unless road ahead is clear to prevent congestion of vehicles from other direction
  3. Stop line – Stop! And check for traffic before continuing
  4. Bus Stop – No stopping within 9 Metres of a Bus Stop
  5. Unbroken double yellow line – No parking at all times
  6. Single white zig-zag line – No stopping at all times (Demerit may be awarded)
  7. Zebra crossing – Priority to pedestrian and vehicles have to give way
  8. Yellow box with right turn pocket – Same rules apply to Yellow box and when traffic is in favour of vehicles, vehicles may occupy right turn pocket before turning right when traffic is clear.
  9. Keep left sign – Vehicles approaching should stay in lane.
  10. Give way line – Vehicles approaching Give Way Line are to stop, allow vehicles from major road pass before entering.

For more information visit here

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