BMW World 2018

This year at BMW World 2018 in Singapore, presenting performance and heritage. Our main focus is more towards the latest models that BMW has launched and will be launching such as the M4 CS, M5, Z4, i8 and many more.

327 Sports Cabriolet

Built in 1937 and rebuilt in 1945 was known for its lightweight body and performance focus, winning many races including Nurburgring in 1936.

» 55 Bhp, 1,971 cc OHV six-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission.

BMW 327 Sports Cabriolet


Made during the period where laws allow bike license to drive car.

BMW Isetta

M3 CSL (Coupe Sport Lightweight)

Hardcore BMW made in 2003 that is lightweight, Carbon Fibre roof, no radio and tyres that can hardly grip in the rain. Possibly known as the best performance car in 2003.

E39 M5

» 4.9L V8 producing 398 Bhp, 6-speed manual transmission

» 4.9 Seconds (0-100km/h) and Top Speed electronic limited to 250km/h

From the left: M3 CSL, M5, Isetta and 327 Sports Cabriolet

BMW Z4 M40i

Just launched hours before BMW World 2018, caught many by surprised, us included. BMW will be launching the Z4 convertible with a Soft-top roof which help to lower weight to improve performance, 50:50 weight distribution and power from 3.0L Turbocharged in-line six.

» 4.4 Seconds (0-100km/h)

» Colour: Frozen Metallic Orange and shadow line trim

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BMW M2 Competition

BMW M4 CS (Coupe Sport)

A lightweight, striped out M4 that performs better than a regular M4 and limited to 3,000 Units. Sporting aggressive front lip, new bonnet design, rear Carbon Fibre spoiler and rims specifically for the CS.

BMW M4 CS (Coupe Sport)

BMW F90 M5

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BMW i8 Roadster

What’s New?

  1. Air Shutter on Bonnet
  2. New Optional 20-inch rims
  3. New Seat design
  4. Frameless Window design

The updated looks is also available on the i8 Coupe which has been updated since its launch 4 years ago in 2014.

» 4.6 Seconds (0-100km/h), Top Speed: 250km/h

» ≥ 53km Electric range

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